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Nottingham and TG

By chichirevolver, Nov 1 2012 01:04PM

Thursday i was whisked up north to Nottingham for a show at Rock City. I was the only performer and i was on the main stage in the main room, so that means performing to a crowd of around 2,000 people! They went wild for my second act, my hula hoop strip tease! Though i think half of them must have thought i got fully naked due to the lighting and the distance from the stage! Its funny because i have spent years learning my skills with multi hooping and what not - but all anyone really wants to see is boobies!! lol! Anyway i really enjoyed myself and was even hanging our with American rock band, Bowling for Soup, backstage. I spent the night up in Nottingham in a lovely hotel on top of a hill with a huge view out over Nottingham. I really hope to go back soon!

Friday i had a right mix up and had a gig cancelled, which, to be honest, i was rather pleased about as it meant i could recharge my batteries from Nottingham.

Then Saturday it was time to really let my hair down... Or though ironically my hair was tied up in such tight curls I had to cut some out... but anyway i digress... Saturday was Torture Garden Halloween!

Me, my husband, Veronica Blacklace and a Blacklace sibling, Anna, were all assisting Billie Rae and her parachute act. Sam and Anna were whafters and myself and Veronica Blacklace were whrithers...! All was fine in the rehearsal, but at 2:30am when we came to perform we were all rather tipsy!! So i have a hazy memory of the performance - but im sure it was fabulous! The night certainly was!!

Me and my beautiful husband backstage at TG
Me and my beautiful husband backstage at TG
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