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Farewell Billie Rae!

By chichirevolver, Mar 1 2013 02:50PM

Last week we bid farewell to Billie Rae as she packed her bags and moved to Dubai!! We had a send off for her on Thursday night with copious amounts of champagne and a nice meal. She is off to run Cirque Du Soir so hopefully ill get an invitation to the sun soon!

Friday night i was at Funfair Club in Brighton working for the Platinum Angels. Its so much fun working there as i take lots of hoops onto the dance floor for people to play with. And it can be very very funny watching tipsy people try to hula hoop! I then end the night dancing in my own little world with my LED hoop.

Saturday night i was back up in london performing at Pussy Galore at Volupte. Always a gooden as i get to perform my James Bond act which i created especially for that night.

As i have failed to get any photos of my week i have one of me, Veronica and Bille...!


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