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By chichirevolver, Mar 13 2013 11:28AM

So I had a day to put together a fire act!! I was booked to perform at platinum lace in London andI managed to get my fire insurance confirmed last minute leaving me with a couple of hours to work out a routine before show time! I'm already a confident fire hooper but I wanted to add a little bit extra to the act. So I donned my sequin bikini costume, grabbed a bottle of paraffin and headed to my garden armed with a fire stick! I don't know what the neighbours thought if they saw me running the huge flame over my arms, legs and stomach but a couple of hours later I had worked out a full fire act ready to perform that night. It went down really well and is certainly an act I'm going to keep!

Saturday I was in Horsham all day assisting in teaching a choreography and dance workshop for young dancers. Then I managed to grab an hours snooze before heading over to Brighton to perform at the corn exchange for student pride. What a wonderful friendly lovely audience!! It took me forever to leave as loads of people wanted to come up and talk to me as they had enjoyed my show so much! The quote of the night has to be 'Darling I'm the G in LGBT, but after watching you I just don't know anymore!!' Ha ha brilliant!!

The following week saw the last session in my 5 week hula hoop course in Worthing. As always it was a fantastic group and they all went away with loads on new tricks under their belts!

Mid week i was up at Platinum Lace again with Veronica Blacklace and Coco Debouis. We were over in a new dressing room and that night we weren't alone... We were visited my a tiny mouse that had lost the use of its back legs!! It terrified the life out of us! Veronica managed to trap it and we called on the help of the bouncers who released it out on to the busy streets of Picadilly!!

Saturday i taught a hula hoop class to a hen party! :-) That was great fun as everyone knew each other and were out for an afternoon of fun! So lots of giggling filled the room!

After that i was over to Brighton to perform at Proud Cabaret. I was on with the lovely Dolly Rose and Jolie Pappalion and host Paul Roberts. A cracking show was put on and great time had by all! :-)

Tooderly pip for now!

Chi Chi

x x

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