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By chichirevolver, Jan 25 2013 04:21PM

Well I feel super duperly amazingly hi-tech... Sitting here on the late night train home hot spotting my iPhone to have Internet on my ipad! Oh yeah! :-)

So where to begin... So much has happened - including me becoming a hi-tech nerd! ;-) Last week was super busy! I was at Cirque du Soir every night last week, I love it there as its the perfect excuse to dress up! Monday was awesome as I wore a terrifying rabbit mask and pretty much nothing else except for carrots...! Ha ha I love my job sometimes!! I could hardly see anything with gives you a great sense of inhibition to dance like no one is watching! Wednesday I was a naked cat playing with a huge ball of wool Friday and Saturday I was a glamours showgirl and I ended the week being a strange clown.

It's a hardcore week as I'm working 12-3:30am and it was made even harder by the snow blizzard that descended on us at the end of the week! Friday and Saturday nights I also had shows before cirque in London, so due to fear of being stranded somewhere sans hoops I decided to pack up and move to London for the weekend. The only problem with that was I had the hugest trekking backpack and about 50 hula hoops to lug all weekend over London in the snow! Yikes. But I'm lucky to have my amazing nan to stay with.

Friday nights show was amazing!! I was performing at Lucha Britannia which is a wrestling show. It was a bit daunting walking in at first and being confronted with loads of half naked, sweaty, mussel men!! Lol! But everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming. I had a fantastic show and it was the first time I've ever performed in a wrestling ring!

Saturday night my earlier show was at Gypsy Hotel. It's the second time I've performed there, and it's a crazy bourbon drenched debauched party!! They always have awesome bands playing and I was lucky to be billed with my crazy assed gaga friend Aurora Galore. Sadly I left before her act as I had to get myself down to Cirque, but I have no doubt she wowed the crowd!

Tooderly pip for now!

Chi Chi

X x

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