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A Proud Triple Whammy!

By chichirevolver, Oct 23 2012 10:57AM

Morning one and all! So its been a little while since i last updated and thats because ive been swept away in a blur of partying! Last weekend saw my husband turn 29 and we celebrated in style all weekend! Which did mean we were both a little worn out when it came to his actual birthday on the Monday morning! I had all week to recover and then it was full steam ahead for shows at the weekend.

It was a triple whammy of Proud Cabaret Brighton shows! I kicked off my weekend on Friday night with the wonderful Dolly Rocket, Cherry Bella and Coco Deville. I was back Saturday with the lovely Jason Abarhams, Elsie Diamond and Dolly Rose. Then Sunday i was back again for a wedding with good ol' Dolly Rocket and fire performer Gabbi. It was nice to be able to leave my hoops at the venue all weekend so it was relative stress free train travel without the usual drunk 3 questions...

1/ What are they? 'Hula Hoops'

2/ What do you do with them? 'Hula Hoop'

3/ Can you do all of them? 'Yes'

Ive thought of getting a t-shirt printed that says 1/Hula Hoops 2/Hula Hoop 3/Yes

Slap bang in the middle of the weekend I was at Funfair Club on Saturday night. So I nipped down quickly after finishing at proud and got the dance floor hooping!

Before i realised it, once again it was Monday! And Monday I was up at cirque Du Soir. This time I was with my bestie Billie Rae and the gorgeous Dolly Rose for pin-up night!

It was a fun night but I dont get home until 6am and my stupid body clock woke me up at 9am! That brings me to today, Tuesday, and its time to get planning for my hula hoop class tonight!

Tooderly pip for now!

Chi Chi

x x

Backstage at Cirque with Billie Rae
Backstage at Cirque with Billie Rae
Chi Chi at Proud Cabaret Brighton
Chi Chi at Proud Cabaret Brighton
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