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Guinness World Record Holder!!

Circus Hoop Routine:

Fun, bouncy and upbeat suitable for all audiences from schools to nightclubs! Watch Chi Chi increase the number of hoops hooped with, using impressive multi hooping skills. Routine ends by Chi Chi turning into a tornado of colour as she spins 50 hoops at once around her body! Approx 4mins.


Hoop Tease Routine:

Playful, cheeky and a little saucy... This is a burlesque hula hoop strip tease! Chi Chi hoops with a beautiful LED hula hoop while removing her clothes down to pants and pasties, the routine climaxes skilled multi hooping with 4 stunning LED hoops! Approx 4min


Fire Hoop

Cranking up the heat with this hot act! Chi Chi runs flaming torches over her body and then hoops with a ring of fire!


Gogo Hooping:

Very popular in London clubs, this is where Chi Chi hoops and dances  on a bar/podium/stage etc to the clubs music. Much the same as a Gogo dancer with but with the added twist of a hula hoop. Approx sets of 20mins.


Other Circus Stuff:

Chi Chi can perform with a fire hoop and LED hoops.

She also performs static trapeze, juggling, Flaming nipple tassels, contact juggling and has a comedy magic strip tease!



Chi Chi also has a number of classic burlesque routines including a beautiful classic fan dance.


Chi Chi and her Father Fred!:

Looking for that something just a little bit extra special? Then book father and daughter, Fred and Chi Chi, together! They have worked with each other all of Chi Chis life and ran Freds Flying Circus for many years. Fred, European Street Entertainer of the Year, is a marvelous close up magician whose career has taken him all over the world from the Magic Centre Las Vegas to Beijing and Hong Kong plus the Ivry Street Festival in Paris. Do check out his website for more details.



Music and costumes can be themed for your event - with enough time and notice that is! Get in contact to discuss ideas!